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For the past 15 years, Vicky has suffered from severe knee pain that poorly affected her quality of life. After her non-surgical knee treatment at Active Health, she found knee pain relief. She can even walk up and down the stairs again!

David was having pain walking down the stairs and squatting. After just ONE non-surgical knee treatment he has no pain when performing those same movements!
Before Barbara began treatment her pain was at a 7 out of 10. After her knee treatment at Active Health, her pain level is only a 3 out of 10! She has no more pain when walking and going up the stairs is much easier!

Linda is now able to do the activities she enjoys after knee and neuropathy treatment at Active Health! She calls herself Wonder Woman as she lives an active lifestyle in her old age.

Maggie’s pain goes down from a 5 to a 0 after her treatment at Active Health! Going down the stairs used to be painful for her, but now she can do it with no pain!

Germain came to the office for her knee and neuropathy pain, with her knees she reported not being able to walk with pain over her kneecap. She frequently used a cane to help with mobility. Now she has seen a 92 percent improvement in her neuropathy pain and ditched the cane, she gets around much better now! Watch her other video HERE!

Overtime Laura’s knee pain was getting worse. It was hard for her to up and down the staris without pain. After her first treatment Laura experienced the difference, for the first time in years she had no knee pain, even going up and down the stairs.

After suffering from knee pain for three years Judith decided she had enough. Her knee replacement was still bothering her, so she came in and that day she got treatment and was able to walk around with no pain and no limp!
Jean tripped and fell a couple months prior and experienced lasting knee and shoulder pain from that fall. After a full day of work her knee pain is almost unbearable. She received treatment and noticed her gait was a lot smoother and there was no pain!
Deborah suffered 8 years in pain from her knee. She was ready to live pain free so she paid us a visit. Deborah had troubles squatting and going up the stairs. After the treatment her range of motion has doubled if not tripled, and she now goes up the stairs with ease!

Nicole experienced pain from her elbows down to her fingertips and her feet. She was done living in pain and being held back from doing what she loved. After her neuropathy treatments she was able to get rid of the pins and needle as well as the numbness!

Linda came in because she had noticed that she started showing early symptoms of neuropathy. She missed out on tennis matches because of the neuropathy pains. Now she has no pain and has even played a couple matches! She reports that overall her body feels so much better!

Frank came in with symptoms and pain in his feet, he talked to the doctors about how much sleep he lost because of the shocks he would get from his feet. Since starting treatment Frank has reported that he doesn’t have the shocks and he has been sleeping better! 

After receiving chemotherapy Joyce got neuropathy, so after two years Joyce came in to get treatments for it. She used to struggle to walk in the grocery store unassisted because of the numbness and pain. When she came into the office she had around 55 percent sensory loss in her feet, now she has around 14 percent loss in her right and 8.6 percent in her left! Now she can walk anywhere unassisted because she is pain free. Her husband can’t even keep up with her anymore!

After just two visits John noticed a decrease in numbness in his legs and feet. At his 90 day re–evaluation he has improved over 15 percent in each leg which is amazing work! He has been doing the treatments in the office every two weeks but does his other therapies at home everyday which makes a world of a difference!

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